Partnership philosophy

We are linking partners who respect water by building sustainable-oriented outcomes regarding water. The model we are working with is focusing on long-term professional relationship on water believing in solutions and diversity in the solutions we provide and the partnering possibility we offer.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners: group of domestic small and medium-sized companies with Hungarian management possessing high level water-industrial knowledge, having wide-spread international references.

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Professional Partners

International companies with Hungarian manufacturing base and added value. 


Cooperating Partners

Members of Hungarian and International water governance and water diplomacy and professional organisations: Hungarian Water Association, European Water Association, Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Hungarian Export Promotion Agency and more



Financing Partners

Domestic and international banks and financial institutions providing preferential loans, buyer credit solutions, ODA loans, business and freight insurances 

Honorary Partners

Hungarian Experts, Professional institutions, Engineers, Universities who are involved in the development of water related solutions, being committed distributors of the Hungarian water knowledge

Customer, Client Partners

Clients, buyers, employers from all over the world being committed to the application and use of Hungarian water technology solutions 

Representative Partners

Our representative and supporting partners who are committed to disseminate the Hungarian water knowledge and technological solutions worldwide.