Róbert Forintos
Co-President of the Hungarian Water Partnership

Róbert is an expert in water related exports with over 35 years’ experience in trade between Asia and Hungary. Being the first CEO of a Hungarian SME to set up a representative office in Southeast Asia, he operates an ISO-certified subsidiary with nearly 30 employee in Shanghai, the economic hub of China as well as an independent representative office in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Furthermore, his company has opened a branch office in Serbia, the leading economy of the the Western Balkans. Awareness of many Hungarian brands in Asia is due to the company's market development activities. For the past 20 years Róbert has been extending his export portfolio with Hungarian water industry knowledge representation through environmental project management and foreign investment advisory.

Dr. Károly Kovács
President of the Hungarian Water Partnership

Károly is linked to several environmental technology and methodological developments, patents and procedures. As CEO he participated in the design and construction of over 150 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, in the evaluation and assessment of thousands of kilometers of public sewer and water supply network, in more than a thousand municipalities. Károly played a key role in the design and development of the methodology and guide for Central and Eastern Europe, known as the Dynamic Cost Comparison Calculation (DCCC), for selecting least-cost solutions in Water Supply and Sanitation projects, and the development and implementation of life cycle cost based public procurement guide. His knowledge and expertise were also essential in the development of the Multipurpose Infrastructure Assessment Database (MIAD) software. As an „ambassador of the value of WATER” and related services, Károly regularly negotiates with professionals, representatives of business, scientific and social sector and participates in 20-30 domestic and international forums annually as speaker, moderator or coach.

Bálint Horváth
General-Secretary of the Hungarian Water Partnership

As CEO of the Pureco Group (with subsidiaries in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ghana), Bálint has been managing a team of more than 100 employees and the same number of projects for the past 15 years. Both as company executive and a project manager, he was involved in the design, modernization, construction, operation, condition assessment, evaluated dozens of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants as well as thousands of kilometers of public sewers. Furthermore he has been active in the development and sale of products for the collection, drainage and treatment of water and wastewater both in Hungary and the countries of the region.



Zoltán Horváth
Executive Director of Hungarian Water Partnership Nonprofit Kft.

Zoltán is responsible for the operation, growth and communication of the management company of the Hungarian Water Partnership. His over 20 years’ of foreign service career provides profound experience in international relations, the cornerstone of the company’s export development activities.