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Eurasian Water Conference in Budapest

Eurasian Water Conference in Budapest


The remarkable event was organized in September 2018 by Hungarian Water Cluster (predecessor of Hungarian Water Partnership) and ASEMWater, with the support of Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the People’s Government of Hunan Province of China.

The international conference focused on sustainable urban solutions for global challenges. The aim of the event was to establish an international multi-stakeholder forum and network on sustainable water management from a European and Asian perspective, providing opportunities to discuss the challenges and best practices, exchange experiences and seek solutions. The event fostered dialogues between the governments, private sector, academia and the civil society from Europe and Asia in the field of integrated and sustainable water management, reflecting upon the sustainable development goals(SDGs) which constitute the core of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. 

More than 200 participants to more than 25 countries shared experience and knowledge on the most pressing challenges and potential solutions in the field of urban water management.