Long awaited: the first live gathering of HWP!

Long awaited: the first live gathering of HWP!


The first live event of the Hungarian Water Partnership, organized by HWP Nonprofit Kft., took place on May 5 in the Szegedi Halászcsárda restaurant on the Danube river bank in Budapest. During the traditional fish dinner, representatives of the new member companies were finally able to meet other members, which was not possible during the long lasting COVID restrictions. The event also provided an excellent opportunity to talk with the members of the HWP Presidency and the representatives of HWP’s strategic partners, most notably with Dr Kristóf Szabó, CEO and Mr Gábor Jenei, deputy CEO of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), Mr Viktor Berki, the export finance director of EXIM as well as with Mr Bálint Rózsa, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Water Association (HWA).

In his welcome remarks Co-President Róbert Forintos reminded of the long way, which HWP and its predecessors had to take to become successful, while President Károly Kovács outlined the most important events and tasks ahead. The new Secretary General, Bálint Horváth, outlined his main objective to maintain and strengthen the spirit of the partnership based on mutual trust and to reach a higher level of cooperation between the member companies, as well as with the strategic partners responsible for export development.