Hungarian Water Partnership side event in New York at the UN 2023 Water Conference

Hungarian Water Partnership side event in New York at the UN 2023 Water Conference


On March 23, on the sidelines of the prestigious international professional event, HWP organized a panel discussion “How to respond to the most urgent water-related development needs in the developing world? Bankable and sustainable WASH solutions”. 

During the event János Áder, a member of the Water and Climate Management Board, consulted with the leaders of 4 pan-continental professional organizations (EWA, ASEM WATER, AfWSA, WEF) about the solutions to the problems of drinking water and wastewater in the developing world. Áder, who is also the chairman of the board of trustees of Kék Bolygó Climate Protection Foundation, called necessary the viability of the recommendations and commitments put forward by the HWP in the UN 2023 Water Conference and advocated their widespread distribution.

The former President of the Republic of Hungary, János Áder, in addition to what was said in the plenary message of the UN, emphasized that the technologies developed by HWP member companies - especially by Pureco Kft. - and implemented together with international partners, are well-functioning. These solutions for the supply of healthy drinking water and wastewater treatment in the developing world are the only realistically affordable approaches. 

Walter Marlowe, representing the American Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Dr. Károly Kovács, representing the European Water Association (EWA), confirmed that even in the developed world the self-sustaining financing of the water utility infrastructure is not ensured, the state and union or federal (EU, USA) resources fall far short of sustainability needs.

The South African water researcher Mendy Shozi, representing the UN's youth and women's section, presented forward-looking examples of individual and social-community involvement in water supply and sanitation. She expressed her hope that the solutions presented at the event will greatly contribute to ensuring a more livable future.

Bálint Rózsa, general secretary of the Hungarian Water Association (HWA) - another participant organization of the UN 2023 Water Conference - as the moderator of HWP's panel discussion welcomed the cooperation of the participants. He highlighted the appeal made at the online side event organized by HWA on the topic of water-related solidarity, in the framework of the UN 2023 Water Conference: in order to develop water awareness and the value of water, as well as to promote the correct choice of values, we should be ready to sacrifice at least as much for healthy drinking water and proper sanitation as for telecommunications!

HWP was the initiator and developer of the cooperation between AfWASA-EWA. Therefore, it is a great honor that the two pan-continental professional associations - HWP is a member of both associations - signed the framework agreement at HWP's side event.

Hungarian Water Partnership was represented in New York by President Dr. Károly Károly and Co-President Róbert Forintos.

Special thanks to our co-organizers who contributed to the success of the event!

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Check the Bankable and sustainable WASH solutions' brochure here.


President Dr. Károly Kovács and Róbert Forintos Co-President of HWP at the UN 2023 Water Conference assembly hall


János Áder, chairman of the board of trustees of the Kék Bolygó Climate Protection Foundation during his welcome speech at the HWP's side event


Dr. Károly Kovács, President of the HWP, during his keynote speech at the HWP's side event in the UN 2023 Water Conference


János Áder and Dr. Károly Kovács 


Walter Marlowe, Dr. Károly Kovács and Sylvain Usher


Panelists of the HWP's side event: Dr. Károly Kovács, Mendy Shozi, Walter Marlowe, Péter Kovács and Sylvain Usher 


János Áder meeting the participants during the side event


Sylvain Usher - AfWSA and Dr. Károly Kovács - AfSWA-EWA cooperation agreement signing

Dr. Károly Kovács and Róbert Forintos - respectively President and Co-President of the HWP