Ventus Subotica

Ventus Subotica


The regional waste management centre in Subotica is located halfway between Békova and Orom. The new development is ready to manage the waste produced by 260,000 people in the region, focusing on the long-term goal generating a new approach towards waste management that enables economic re-evaluation of waste while at the same time ensuring the highest level of health and environmental protection for people.

We are very proud of being involved to this significant environmental development project on a special field of air protection, treating the odour air with our innovative equipment, the VENTUS biofilter.
As a result of the investment, we completely solved the air treatment of the pre-sorting building of the regional landfill. Our system with dust bag separator first removes the dust from the air, and the built-in VENTUS L, 20 000 m3 / h biofilter cleans the resulting odor air.


Our VENTUS L system’s UV stable PP sandwichpanel frame provides sufficient strength to store the equipment needed to clean the larger air stream. Cleaning 20.000 cubic meter polluted air per hour does not mean that a huge concrete equipment was placed by the works of art, VENTUS L needs only the flat concrete basement and other installations can be built up several days later. The newly developed wall system can set up fast, it is not only quick but it looks better than the ordinary concrete system. We use stainless steel posts for the wall and EPSDM sealing to make it airtight. The system is working automatically, only supervision is required.

Our large-capacity VENTUS biofilter system has proved not only in Bulgaria, at the municipal solid waste disposal site near the town of Stara Zagora, but it also contributes to the treat the odor air now also in Serbia too.