Oil- and grease separators in Vietnam

Oil- and grease separators in Vietnam


As a result of the successful Hungarian-Vietnamese business partnership and as a consequence of the increasing international market demands for Pureco solutions in the field of water treatment technologies, three locations in Hanoi are equipped with Pureco oil and grease separators to treat the generated wastewater.

In Hanoi, rivers and lakes are extremely polluted, which is considered as one of the causes of contaminated but untreated wastewater being discharged by local hotels, canteens, restaurants into the public sewerage system and after into the rivers and lakes.


In order to minimize the harmful effect of untreated industrial, process water generated by their everyday activities, two restaurants and a motor service decided to solve the problem and complex and sustainable wastewater treatment systems had been installed.

During the project PARCO-P type grease separators had been implemented for the reduction of polluting emissions. In the canteen of the Hanoi Waterworks Hungarian experts used an equipment with the capacity of 1 l/s,. At the restaurant called Bao Van Beer a 4 l/s grease separator had been installed. At the third element of the project (Tan Viet Motor Service) an ENVIA TNB 2-5-P oil separator equipment is treating the process water of the station.

The restaurants and the motor service were on operation during the project implementation, so the implementation underwent at nights. The equipment are on testing now and good results of testing can further deepen the successes of the Hungarian-Vietnamese cooperation.

The project implementation gained much attention on the local media, the published reports can be read by clicking HERE. A video about the implementation is available HERE.