Budapest Airport – complex stormwater treatment

Budapest Airport – complex stormwater treatment


Due to the Budapest Airport’s environmentally conscious attitudes over the past few years, several improvements have been made in order to protect the natural environment around the airport. In the frame of this initiative the stormwater treatment of the airport’s runways, taxiways, other traffic and technical areas, paved walkways, roads, parking areas with polluted river channels was developed, and an accident emergency system was created. 

Our experts were looking for a solution to minimize maintenance needs and reduce the operating costs, in addition being integrable into the existing drainage system. Upon determining the technical content, state of the art, weather -resistant, durable materials with longevity were selected, with a further advantage of favorable construction costs.


As part of the solution, rainwater pipes that were close to each other were combined and received shared treatment plants. The Hungarian experts used a steel pipe in the sizes of D1200 and D1500 for the above-mentioned merger, due to the extreme nature of the construction conditions (groundwater, excavation stability). The use of steel pipes, as distributor shafts (in 1600 mm diameter), contributed to the rapid and cost-effective execution. In order to clean the contaminated stormwater; nearly thirty open trench ENVIA TRP sludge and oil separation equipment were installed, with a total of 5,800 l/s cleaning capacity.

We are proud of this successfully completed project- due to the diversity of the project the knowledge, experience and collaboration of several other divisions of the company, from design, through licensing, to the product supplies and logistics, was needed.