The president of HWP presented at the "Sustainable Cities" Conference

The president of HWP presented at the "Sustainable Cities" Conference


The goal of the Sustainable Cities project is the UN Sustainable Development Goals application, as well as the various aspects of settlement sustainability expert-level analysis. 

HWP joined the program this year. In the spring a podcast interview with Károly Kovács about municipal water management and the challenges of the domestic water sector on the project's website. On September 16 at the conference that took place in the Magnet Community House the president of HWP also took part in the "ten minutes" sections where he presented about water management and the sustainability of domestic water sector.

The basic idea of the event started from the contradictory situation, that the issue of settlement sustainability is not directly included in the 12 "points of national sustainability „of National Sustainable Development Framework Strategy. It is only assigned to individual points in a related manner on international sustainable development goals levels.

The organizers were looking for the answers for questions like:

  •  How the settlement sustainability appears as an emphasized element in Hungary?
  • What are the spheres of activity and thematic areas that are primarily in the hands of the settlements and which can also contribute at the local level either at the national level 12 or even at the international level to achieve the set 17 goals?
  • What is the problem of the Sustainable Development Committee and the National Sustainable Development Council and how do they contribute to the implementation of sustainable development goals in Hungary?

In the future, the organizers of the project intend to continue the analysis of the issue of settlement sustainability on an international level. The HWP - due to its brand-building task - offered its cooperation.