The Hungarian President visited the wastewater treatment plant built by Pureco during his official programme in Ghana

The Hungarian President visited the wastewater treatment plant built by Pureco during his official programme in Ghana


The President of Hungary paid an official visit to Ghana between January 13-15. On his trip he was accompanied among others by the President and the Co-President of the Hungarian Water Partnership, Mr Károly Kovács and Mr Róbert Forintos as well as Mr Bálint Horváth and Miss Csilla Kopornyik, CEOs of partnership members Pureco Kft and Puraset Kft. At a press conference following his meeting with the Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo in Accra, President Áder reminded that the largest state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant in Kumasi, Ghana was built with Hungarian participation and officially opened in 2021. Currently, two more such projects are being built in the West African country with Pureco’s involvement. The head of state said that this means a significant help, so that diseases transmitted by polluted water can be eliminated.


The President emphasized that Hungary possesses significant wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment capabilities. Hungarian containerized technology makes drinking water purification possible even in isolated areas with limited infrastructure. He also stressed that this domestically developed technology enables adequate quality drinking water supply provision to smaller settlements also through seawater desalination.


President Áder and his Ghanaian counterpart have agreed that „the XXI. century will be a century of water, without good quality and adequate quantity of water, supplying the population, development of industry, or the expansion of the economy is not conceivable”. He also said that Hungary possesses proper knowledge and technology to develop effective cooperation with Ghana in this area.


As a part of his official programme in Ghana, President Áder visited the wastewater treatment plant in Kumasi, built as a local private investment by a Consortium led by Pureco. The project was financed by the Hungarian EXIM through special export customer loan. The plant is using the unique Septopure technology developed by Pureco. The contract signed with the Ghanaian customer covered the Hungarian technological development and design, as well as the prefabrication of equipment and parts, the local Hungarian construction management, the installation and commissioning of the Hungarian mechanical and electrical control technology, and the training of the local workforce.

President Áder concluded that this successful project sets a good example of implementation of the key concept of the previous international Budapest Water Summits: Hungary does not only shed light on the water problems, but also provides solutions and deliver them to where they are most needed in the world.