The European Water Association honored the president of the HWP

The European Water Association honored the president of the HWP


In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the work and development of the European Water Association (EWA), the EWA General Assembly awarded Károly Kovács, the head of the Association's Economic Committee and former president, with an honorary hereditary membership. Károly received the prestigious award together with the executive director of the International Water Association (IWA). 

The professional community of the European Water Association highly appreciates Károly Kovács for the sustainability of European water affairs, the development of municipal water management, his dedicated work for the appreciation of the value of the profession and water, extending beyond the borders of Europe.

HWP joined EWA as a corporate member. Károly joined the association in 2000 as vice president of MaSzeSz, in the Technical and Scientific, and in the European Sectoral Policy Committee and ever since has been a valuable contributor to the work of these organizations. In 2012, he became a member of the EWA's presidency, and in 2013 he was elected vice-president. During his mandate as a vice-president, he also performed the duties of the president due to the illness of the then EWA president. During this time, he facilitated the cooperation between the EWA and ASEM-WATER networks due to his decisive actions in building EWA's Eurasian relations. During his presidency of EWA between 2015 and 2017, he established further new professional collaborations and established the Economic Working Group in order to promote sustainable and affordable environmental protection and water infrastructure developments. Károly also played an active role in the governing board of the European Water Innovation Partnership established by the EU Commission. Károly Kovács continues to be actively present in the professional life of EWA, participating in its management. In 2020, on behalf of the European Water Association, he was elected as a member of the European Commission's Sustainable Financing Platform. Károly Kovács, as the only formally representative of the water field, represents the sustainability criteria of this sector during his work in the Platform. The results of the Platform's work will be essential pillars of the European Green Deal. The EWA's Honorary Member award took place in a ceremonial setting at the IFAT Munich 2022. 

Congratulations on the extremely prestigious award!