Our member company, Puraset Ltd. in Ghana donated a PurAID drinking water treatment equipment

Our member company, Puraset Ltd. in Ghana donated a PurAID drinking water treatment equipment


During the visit by President Áder to the Pureco-Unit Consortium’s first large project in Kumasi, Ghana’s 2nd largest city, which was designed and built as a unique solution to treat untreated wastewater, the CEO of Puraset, Csilla Kopornyik, handed over a PurAID drinking water treatment equipment to Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, CEO of the Jospong Group in recognition of his successful efforts to develop Ghanaian-Hungarian business cooperation and his contribution to the development of Hungarian investments in Ghana.


The Jospong Group is one of Ghana’s most diversified holding companies, operating in other African countries and Asia. The company is involved in about 14 sectors of the economy, with the largest activity in the field of waste management, including the treatment of liquid waste transported by trucks.

The PurAID equipment offered by Puraset Kft., a member of Pureco Group is a compact, mobile water purification equipment. It is based on modular units, developed by the company and it is suitable for the treatment of polluted drinking water of communities living in remote areas.


However, the PurAID equipment is no longer unknown in Ghana. In close cooperation with local water utilities (CWSA) in Akim Wenchi, a PurAID system has been successfully installed to remove iron and manganese as well as bacteria from the water in one of the local public wells.

The installed equipment is currently in trial operation, and based on the results of the last two months, the cleaning efficiency is excellent and the quality of the water treated by the equipment is WHO-compliant drinking water.

Each of these devices can purify 6,000 to 10,000 liters of water per day, and is simple and cost-effective to install and operate.

PurAID devices are made in a pallet-sized, uniform metal box, and the data on the parameters of the incoming water and the cleaning efficiency measured by the sensors of the modules are transmitted to the service and monitoring center via a GPS system.


Regenerative adsorbents and filters for cleaning are also exchanged at the center.

In general, the demand for the product in the country is high, and the supply of drinking water to rural areas is a burning issue in Ghana as well.

Photo: Dózsa Péter Pureco IDEA