Meet the HWP and its member companies at IFAT Munich!

Meet the HWP and its member companies at IFAT Munich!


Interested in doing business with Hungarian water and wastewater treatment sector companies? Visit the booth A2.112 of the Hungarian Water Partnership and two of its co-exhibiting members, Inwatech Kft. and UTB Envirotec Zrt. at the World's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management between 30 May and 3 June!

Please note that three more HWP member companies are going to participate individually at IFAT Munich: Pureco Kft. and Puraset Kft. (A2.510), Waterscope Zrt. (B4.105/204).

You can learn about our participating members by browsing through the collection of links below.

UTB Envirotec Zrt.

Wastewater Treatment

UTB Envirotec website

UTB presentation

UTB films: Soltvadkert, Kunfehértó, Ózd, Cyclator process, Biodec decanter, LTDis technology

UTB Envirotec also developed a spinoff called Cyclator Kft., an engineering and manufacturing firm offering advanced technology and solutions in wastewater treatment for the communal and industrial market. It was established to commercialize CYCLATOR™ technology and BIODEC™ decanters internationally. Visit for more information.

We  are looking for partners in the region, who are interested in the cooperation with us. In case of any questions, we are happy to give additional information. 

INWATECH Környezetvédelmi Kft.

Drinking Water Purification;    Wastewater Treatment

Inwatech website

Inwatech film

Water4All website

Pureco Kft.

Drinking Water Purification;    Wastewater Treatment;    Containerized Solutions;    Stormwater Management;    Leachate Treatment; Air treatment

Pureco website

Pureco product references

Pureco flyer

Pureco film

Puraset Kft.

Drinking Water Purification;   Containerized Solutions

Puraset website

Puraset product references: Puraset water purification,   Puraset metal technology

Puraset film

Waterscope Zrt.

Water Management;    Monitoring,    Data Collection

Waterscope website

Waterscope brochure

Waterscope film