HWP participates in the transition to a circular economy

HWP participates in the transition to a circular economy


It is well known that the current global economic model based on one-time consumption is polluting and wasteful. For this reason, the European Commission places emphasis on the shift towards the circular economy. It encourages member states to take steps to extend the lifetime of products, make repair services and spare parts available as well, as improve consumer information and rights.

The implementation of the EU policy has begun in Hungary. One of the most important steps was the establishment of the Circular Economy Technology Platform (KGTP) at the Pannon University in Veszprém in April 2022. The organization operates within the framework of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, which falls under the Ministry of Technology and Industry.

The main aim of the KGTP is to speed up Hungary's transition to a circular economy, as this is one of the important basic conditions for achieving the sustainability revolution. It strengthens dialogue and cooperation, but at the same time it will be an important area for environmental protection and sustainability related activities in the coming months and years. Members of the working groups are expected to come up with ideas that contribute to the circular nature of Hungarian economy and proposals that can be used in the development of the related legal framework.

Within the KGTP 12 working groups were formed. Károly Kovács, the president of HWP, was elected as the chairman of the circular water management working group. HWP Nonprofit Kft., the management company of the Hungarian Water Partnership took up the secretariate duties. We are proud that six of our member companies have already joined the working group.