HWP is growing!

HWP is growing!


According to the contract, signed at the booth of HWP, Water&Soil Kft. will receive export promotion assistence for the product to be sold abroad.

What do you need to know about the company's patented Water Retainer?

The Water Retainer is an organic soil-conditioning product. Generally, its effects last 3 months, during which period – pending appropriate application of the Water Retainer – the soil’s water retainment ability is substantially increased. Applying this excellent ability in the developmental stage of our plants, the benefits in better root development and better hydration will last for the whole cultivation period.

This also means substantially lower drought damages. The plants can survive twice the time in extreme drought conditions without serious damage, alleviating yield losses, while the lower stress level will show itself in better yield results.

The Water Retainer also reduces changes to soil condition caused by drought, which has numerous detrimental effects. Dried out soil might turn water repellent, reducing water uptake from rainfall, which in turn increases the chance of soil panning and it turning airless, resulting in less utilizable water for our plants, causing an overall yield loss. The detrimental effects may be felt for years.

Thanks to the Water Retainer, the treated soil is able to additionally trap air humidity during high moisture periods (dawn or night vapour formation).

Soil with ideal water content also means long term benefits in farming.

Irrigated water consumption may be reduced, since the Water Retainer reduces evaporation and stops water trickling deeper than ideal, trapping water in the top soil layer. Click here  to read more about the product.