HWP at EXPOAPA 2023 in Sibiu (Nagyszeben)

HWP at EXPOAPA 2023 in Sibiu (Nagyszeben)


The international water industry exhibition organized by the Romanian Water Association (ARA) between May 23-25 in Nagyszeben attracted thousands of interested professionals. The presidency of the Hungarian Water Partnership and several member companies were also present at the event, which took place with the participation of water professionals, decision-makers, sector actors, operators, and suppliers.

During the three-day event, HWP representatives took part in numerous business negotiations and presented our member companies' products, technologies and services, which can provide an effective response to the region's water challenges. A particular attention was paid to the regenerable adsorbent-based arsenic removal technology developed and manufactured by Puraset Kft.. Bilateral discussions were held with several regional water utility service providers on the subject.

Dr Károly Kovács PhD (oec), President of the HWP, gave a presentation at the international workshop entitled EXPOAPA “Circular Economy”, co-organized by the Statistical and Economic Working Group of the International Water Association (IWA).  In his presentation on the challenges of integrating water management and water-related infrastructure development into a circular economy, he talked about the role of water in a circular economy, the results of the domestic Circular Economy Platform and the role of the life cycle-based economic approach in building a circular economy. He used good examples to illustrate the results of treating water as a value. In addition, he pointed out that water is the basis of effective climate adaptation and the central element of the circular/green economy. He emphasized that we must treat our water as a value, rethink water usage habits with a life-cycle approach (recycling/water-poor technologies/alternative water sources/storage/water market), establish the possibilities of digital water management, and coordinate green and gray infrastructure. At the end, Dr Kovács emphasized that the sharing of knowledge, such as in this conference, has a prominent role in facilitating all of this.



The presidency of HWP at a B2B meeting during ExpoApa 2023



Presidency of the HWP during negociations at ExpoApa 2023